Following our 2023 campaign to Meki Hospital we have decided in collaboration with Oromia Health Bureau and Dr Agraw to establish an Eye clinic at the Meki Hospital. This will be a primary care Eye facility that will serve 56,000 people that live in and around Meki. We also have a vision for the future to include Glaucoma monitoring and long term treatment.

What is the program?

In 2009, in accordance with Eyes for Africa's Strategic Plan 2012-2015 and it's commitment to long term capacity building and sustainability of eye care in remote, rural communities of Ethiopia, EFA inaugurated a Sponsorship Program.EFA's goal was to financially support, mentor and encourage a local Ethiopian health worker who may not otherwise have an opportunity to further their education.Ophthalmic Nurse Seid Idris Fedlu, from the remote town of Jinka in the Southern Omo Valley of Ethiopia, was selected as EFA's first candidate to attend Jimma University, undertaking three years study to become a Small Incision Cataract Surgeon.Mr Fedlu attained Distinctions throughout his studies, graduating in October 2012.  His significant personal achievement is celebrated in Ethiopia with family and friends, and EFA also celebrates his success here in Australia.

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