The team had a very successful trip earlier this year, our 2015 Newsletter is available here

We have a brand new generator thanks to a generous donor, more

Planning is well underway for our 2016 trip, Julie and the team are heading to Ethiopia to travel to some remote locations to perform their amazing work. Email us if you are interested in volunteering as we are looking for a handyman, nurses and people with common sense and energy!

Sunday 18 January, saw the first Team on the way to Awash, 217 kms from Addis along the main road to Djibouti. Our hotel was approx 1 km walk to...

Eight self funding volunteers from Australia travelled to Ethiopia to participate in Eyes for Africa’s (EFA) two week free sight restoring...

Eyes for Africa Charitable Foundation


Eyes For Africa (EFA) is a small Australian not-for-profit, non-government, non-denominational organisation that is run entirely by volunteers and is dedicated to free sight-restoring cataract removal & other eye care, in poor communities of remote, rural Ethiopia.