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Our team is huge!

Committee Members

Yes these guys do a lot of work. With Julie at the helm nothing is left to chance, and each committee member contributes based on skills, work and family committments. The logistics of EFA are quite mind boggling. Each year as a trip approaches, volunteers and medical staff need to come on board, their travel and accommodation organised, as well some very difficult logistics around getting medical supplies through customs at the Ethiopian end. We also need to arrange medical facilities in some pretty interesting and remote places, and lets not forget the most important job of all - making sure people know we are coming so they can make the journey to the hospital.


It takes money to do what we do. However the EFA team are frugal and make your dollars go a long way. Thanks for donating as none of this would happen without you.


Julie Tyers OAM
Founder and President
Lucas Kenny
Vice President
Michael Bishop
Michael van Ewijk
Financial Manager
Cameron Tyers
Social Media
Sarah Kenny
Media and Fundraiser


Muhammed Elemo